Rainbow themed 3D Paper Butterflies Set - Pastel Rainbow

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These are 6 inch wide Rainbow themed (7 layer butterflies) with all Pastel Colours in each layer (baby pink, peach, gold, mint green, baby blue and lilac)

These butterflies look gorgeous and make a lovely statement at your event or home, shop or any other occasion.

The Butterflies are made with coloured card having glitter effects, pearl and mirror card and embellished with pearls and diamante stones as specified by your requirement.

They are available in a range of sizes ranging from

A) Set of 6 inch wide - 2 butterflies

B) Set of 8 inch wide - 2 butterflies

C) Set of 10 inch wide - 2 butterflies

D) set of 2 inch wide with single colour and gold layer on top - set of 12 butterflies, 6 colours (2 in each colour)

These Giant Butterflies are all made to order and will be shipped in 2 weeks. In case of a rush order, please contact us directly before purchasing.